What the hell is a ~

Hello dear readers! I have yet again come back from the deep, dark hole that i call my abode to yet again, bring you another installment of my musings.

Anyways, i was just casually looking over facebook, and it may seem that the new hottest bit of punctuation is the “~”.

I was very interested, because i always thought it was just a squiggly, but of course, the inner superhero detective in me prompted me to look it up.

This is what i was confronted with.

I was quite shocked by this, and my facial expression turned into something like this.

The first thought that popped into my head was one involving search engines, the illuminati, and other various conspiracy theories involving the ~. Why don’t search engines show anything for ~?

But of course, my fantasies were for another day. I looked ~ up on wikipedia, the only source of knowledge and life these days, and found that a ~ was some super obscure punctuation mark.

So that was my random adventure of the day.

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