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The Beauty of Stumbleupon

so i’ve been really inactive on this awesome blog for a long while, that’s because i’ve been really consumed.

and when i say consumed, i mean that it has swallowed me up whole in the vast beautiful universe that is the internet.

i’m talking about stumbleupon.

i’ve seen this before, but never has this image rang as true as now.

it really is, just one more click. it’s like that last piece of dessert you have before you commit yourself to that diet you’ve been meaning to get to for months, but always, always, you have had a piece of delicious sugary confectionary placed in front of you. and yet again, you throw yourself to the will of the sugar gods.

anyways, i believe stumbleupon is the key to ADHD and concentration problems. when i say it’s the key, i say it’s probably the thing that has spawned all of these horrible ailments of mankind.

the things that come out range from philosophical shit like

but then there are the things like


that totally suck up your time because you’re just basking in the glory that is playing music with unusual instruments.

and this.

actually, the best thing about this is that there is only one button you ever need, and it’s the “stumble!” button.

if there was a god button that did everything you ever needed to do, it would be that. wandering endlessly as you navigate the best of the internet.


go sign up now, and be prepared to be entranced in the world wide web.



Hello guys,

i have come to share with you guys an extremely informative infographic that i found the other day.

(click the picture for an expanded view)

I mean, did anyone else see this coming? Did you guys really expect Russia and Scandinavia to have massive manboobs?

I mean, i didn’t, i was rather surprised when the US only has an average size of a D cup! I mean, where does all of that fast food go? Step it UP, US. Anyways, unless vodka enlarges your manboobs, i don’t know where all that extra fat comes in!

Black Star

Damn, i’m getting into this whole big music vibe thing now, i’m quite disappointed in myself. i thought this was going to be some like place where i can vent or cultivate my writing and gif-using abilities. Obviously my mind has different ideas.

Ok, Black Star, they are awesome, Mos Def and Talib Kweli collaborating over 13 songs, never made another album, they are mushroom cloud laying motherfuckers, they’re superfly TNT, their the GUNS OF THE NAVARONE. oh yes, i just used that phrase.

The flow that is contained in these tracks is PLUTONIUM, it’s radioactively explosive.

But especially the single, “Definition”.

you must listen to it, it will blow your mind, there is so much swag contained in the 3:27 minutes of the song.

don’t get me wrong, this isn’t no lil’ wayne shit, this is just mos and talib keeping it real about the world, there is nothing about fucking hoes, or getting money. just good old-school rap.

Here is the album

click the link now.

Beastie Boys

Hey, so the Beastie Boy’s new album is coming out, and i cannot express how excited i am for it.

You see what i did there? i’m not bitching about something for once! hallelujah and praise and all that pomp for me.

Anyways, just to prove how badass they are, they also decided to release a 30 minute video featuring their lead single, Make Some Noise.

and here is the 30 minute music video-cum-movie short

Now, let’s not these cats are beyond acceptable rapping age, the youngest one, is like 44.


These are like the rolling stones of hip hop, they simply dont DIE!

these guys are beyond the word awesome, it’s like you discovering the beauty of youtube, and spontaneously spending 30+ hours looking through videos of lolcats and japanese game shows.

So in conclusion, beastie boys are the pinnacle of quality, and i’m too tired to insert some expressive gifs or images to convey this message.