The Beauty of Stumbleupon

so i’ve been really inactive on this awesome blog for a long while, that’s because i’ve been really consumed.

and when i say consumed, i mean that it has swallowed me up whole in the vast beautiful universe that is the internet.

i’m talking about stumbleupon.

i’ve seen this before, but never has this image rang as true as now.

it really is, just one more click. it’s like that last piece of dessert you have before you commit yourself to that diet you’ve been meaning to get to for months, but always, always, you have had a piece of delicious sugary confectionary placed in front of you. and yet again, you throw yourself to the will of the sugar gods.

anyways, i believe stumbleupon is the key to ADHD and concentration problems. when i say it’s the key, i say it’s probably the thing that has spawned all of these horrible ailments of mankind.

the things that come out range from philosophical shit like

but then there are the things like


that totally suck up your time because you’re just basking in the glory that is playing music with unusual instruments.

and this.

actually, the best thing about this is that there is only one button you ever need, and it’s the “stumble!” button.

if there was a god button that did everything you ever needed to do, it would be that. wandering endlessly as you navigate the best of the internet.


go sign up now, and be prepared to be entranced in the world wide web.

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